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50% Off Polaris Ultraweld window sale

50% Off Polaris Ultraweld window sale details!

Get 50% off when you buy 16 or more Polaris Ultraweld windows with foam filled frames and sashes. Including Triple pane Low E Intercept Stainless, energySMART Ultimate plus with Krypton gas filled glass! 

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Sale ends 12/31/2018

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Best replacement windows

Sale on all Polaris Ultraweld windows, best replacement windows with  ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN™ Foam  filled main frame & sashes, Triple pane Low E Ultimate plus energySMART Krypton gas filled Intercept® Stainless "Warm-Edge" technology insulated glass

Polaris windows feature Intercept® "Warm-Edge" technology that reduces  condensation problems around the window perimeter. Compare the Intercept  insulating glass window with a conventional insulating glass window. 

Sealant Effectiveness & Gas Retention

The sealant provides the moisture vapor barrier for the I.G. unit. The  longer the transmission path, the slower the rate that moisture will  travel into the unit through the seal. STAINLESS Steel is Impervious to  gas transmission, improving gas retention and Maximizing the insulation  value of your window over time. Intercept® Stainless offers one of the  best transmission paths to maximize window performance. 

We also have big discounts on all remodeling and are a premiere home remodeling contractors in Ohio!

Polaris Ultraweld energySMART Ratings

Ultraweld DoubleHung

Intercept+ stainless with foam filledU-.18S-.23V-.41C-71

Ultraweld Slider

Intercept+ stainless with foam filledU-.16S-.21V-.41C-72

Ultraweld Picture

Intercept+ stainless with foam filledU-.13S-.26V-.47C-77

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**50% off sale-Must buy 16 + Polaris Ultraweld windows with foam filled frames/sashes & Triple pane stainless Low E- energySMART Ultimate plus Krypton gas filled insulated glass installed by The Window Man of Ohio. Ends 12/31/2018

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